Expo 2015 – Azerbaijan Pavilion

2014 - 2015
Production, construction
Milan, Italy

Two transparent 10-meter diameter geodes: the perfect metaphor for the biospheres. The louver: 68 strips 35 meter each mounted on the façade as a metaphor of the winds. These are the complex architectures created by People&Projects for the Azerbaijan Pavilion. The general contractor was Simmetrico, a designer firm, but also a project manager network and an expert group in multimedia technology founded in 2007 by Daniele Zambelli. Many requirements had to be met since the building is planned to become a permanent architecture in Baku after Expo. The challenges were the curved glass, the metal carpentry structure, resistance to a complex system of mechanical stress also due to wide temperature leaps.This project required a special glass-melting technique with a particular mixture developed for the aerospace sector. In order to disassemble the structure, the spheres were made up of rhomboid elements fastened with a newly designed steel knot, under patent pending now. The louver is made of galvanized steel with a wooden finish; it stands apart from the walls and is assembled at a few points; 272 pieces were manufactured, with about 300 different radii of curve and over 10,000 meters of welds for assembly. The pavilion is visited by 10,000 people daily and was quickly renamed “the jewel” of Expo.